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Massive tree closes road topples power line in Bel Air

Posted at 11:21 PM, Jul 24, 2018

In Harford County, a big tree had a neighborhood in the dark and a road shut down for hours.

This massive tree came slowly towering down on Leeswood Road around 4 pm Tuesday.

4 hours later BGE crews started the chainsaws up to clean up the mess to get the power line back up and the road back open.

C.J Grebe watched it come down slowly and violently.

“Watched the wires come down saw a bunch of flames and smoke and a lot of sparks,” Grebe said. “It lasted a couple minutes but then the power cut off and the flames stopped.”

Grebe said it wasn’t very windy when the tree toppled down, the tree was lying on power lines because of days of soaking underneath the ground.

Now its roots and part of its trunk are laying uprooted against Tony York’ driveway and yard.

“You get all this rain, the ground can’t suck it up or it sucks up part of it,” York said. “Most of it runs off you got flooding yeah it’s a mess.”

The 7 drivers in the York household now have an unwanted speed bump popping up through their driveway.

“Usually when you see a crack in a tree like that somethings going on with the tree with a root had probably broken back in there, York said. “That tree was struggling to stay up.”

A few months ago another tree came down and caused problems on Yorks property.

“Came across the back went right through the roof and you can see the gutters they haven’t been replaced yet, but there’s still damage there.”

A two-person team chopped it up 4 hours after it fell, and got it out of the road in around 40 minutes.

People in the neighborhood now left to clean up the remains and hope more trees don’t come down.