Deputies fatally shot in Harford Co. identified

Posted at 10:59 AM, Feb 11, 2016
and last updated 2016-02-11 17:31:15-05

The Harford County Sheriff's Office has identified the two deputies fatally shot in Abingdon Wednesday.

Pat Dailey, a 30-year sheriff's office veteran, and Mark Logsdon a 16-year veteran of the sheriff's office, were killed after an encounter with a suspect at Panera Bread in Abingdon.

Dailey was assigned to court services at the sheriff's office, a member of the Joppa-Magnolia Volunteer Fire Company and a former U.S. Marine. He is survived by his girlfriend, mother and two sons.

Logsdon, a U.S. Army veteran, is survived by a wife, three children and his parents.

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Sheriff Jeffrey Gahler said Dailey was the first to arrive at the Panera Wednesday. Dailey walked into the restaurant looking for a specific person and when he found him in the back of the restaurant, the suspect, "almost immediately produced a handgun and shot him in the head," Gahler said.

Another deputy started medical aid moments later. No one else inside the restaurant was injured.

On Wednesday Gahler identified the suspect as David Brian Evans.

Witnesses pointed responding deputies and officers in the direction Evans ran. Logsdon was among those responding deputies and was in a parking lot when Evans was found in a car.

Shots were fired in Logsdon's direction and he was hit.

"It does appear that Mark was able to return fire, at least three rounds we believe," Gahler said.

Other deputies then opened fire on Evans, killing him.

A semiautomatic handgun was recovered from inside the car with the suspect, Gahler said. The gun had been legally purchased by Evans in 1993, according to Gahler.

Gahler had said Wednesday that police believed the deputies were targeted, a statement that he clarified during a Thursday news conference.

"It's our belief that because he knew there was a warrant out for his arrest and what the ultimate outcome of that encounter was going to be -- would have been his arrest -- that that is why he took the action against the police officer," Gahler said. "We don't believe he laid in wait to ambush, but certainly that the officer was targeted from the standpoint that he didn't want to be apprehended."

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Gahler said there had been a past incident in Maryland years ago involving Evans, but didn't have specific details about that Thursday.

At the time of the shootings, there was a warrant for Evans' arrest in Harford County for failing to pay attorney fees on a case from the 90s as well as a separate warrant for his arrest in Florida on charges of obstructing police and resisting arrest in connection from Oct. 2015.

"Apparently somewhere around that time, he left the state of Florida and relocated back up here and where he was living, where he was staying, all that is still under investigation," Gahler said.

Gahler added investigators suspect Evans may have been living in his car where he took refuge during the exchange of gunfire Wednesday, but they aren't sure.

Evans was a regular at that Panera location and staff there were familiar with him, Gahler said.

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