Korean War veterans, community react to historic meeting

President Trump, Kim Jong Un meet in Singapore
Posted at 11:39 PM, Jun 11, 2018
and last updated 2018-06-11 23:42:41-04

In our area those in the Korean community and veterans who served in the Korean war are speaking about this historic summit.  They told WMAR 2 News they hope this meeting will be the start of a more peaceful world. 

"I’m from South Korea so this thing is kind of revolutionary obviously the South Korean people think North Koreans are the enemy," said Kyungwan Hong.

Monday's historic meeting between President Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un is serving as a beacon of hope for the Korean community.

"I really hope that this meeting brings peace to the world for example to decrease nuclear weapons, I hope it brings a lot of peace to the DMZ area," said Hong.

In 1950, veterans like Sam Fielder and Robert Banker fought in the Korean War.

Fielder was a corporal when he served he’s active in veterans’ associations and is anxious to see what Monday's summit will bring.

"I’m very hopeful and I’m very apprehensive they’re very slick people and I don’t know if he has something up his sleeve," said Fielder.

He’s referring to UN.  Banker thinks similarly.

"The agreements with the North Koreans have to be solid, no wiggle room because they’ve broken about every agreement they’ve made in the last 65 years," Banker said.

Neither veteran thought this possible and the end result for them was the same across the board.
"I hope it will bring everlasting peace," Fielder said.

"I hope to see peace between the two," Banker told WMAR 2 News.

Whether denuclearization will happen is yet to be seen, but these veterans remain cautiously optimistic.

"I'm kind of apprehensive that it will completely happen because we’ve got ours and he might feel the same way," said Fielder.

"They’ve got to show to the world that they are honest and that they’ll do what they say they will—denuclearize the Korean peninsula," remarked Banker.