Kittens rescued by passerby in Harford County

They were left in a park trashcan
Posted at 11:28 PM, Sep 19, 2017

Four kittens were found Monday night in a trashcan in Harford County.  A man just walking by rescued them but the person who put them there hasn't been caught.

Harford county sheriff's officials are investigating. Right now the kittens will be fostered by a volunteer until they're old enough to eat on their own.

Those caring for them say they see this kind of cruelty too often. 

"It's infuriating, they could've just taken them and brought them here and dropped them off with no questions asked," said Erin McCaffrey, a volunteer at The Humane Society of Harford County.

Mike Krieg says he was just walking his dog around a park near his home Monday night when he saw something strange.

"This person got out of his truck, he went over to use the restroom, the restroom was locked then he went into his truck pulled out a plastic bag walked over and put it in the trashcan. 

Krieg thought nothing of it until he heard the kittens crying.

"I followed the sound and it took me to the trashcan so I looked inside, reached inside and pulled out a bag, a plastic bag that had four little kittens in it," he told ABC2.

Kittens this young need constant care; improper care leaves them fighting to stay healthy.

"These kittens have to be in a high temperature, they cant maintain their body heat they can't go without eating for very long," said McCaffrey.

Meaning that if Krieg hadn't found them, they likely wouldn't have made it.  Krieg called the police, who picked up the kittens and took them for emergency care.  They're now in safe hands at The Humane Society but a description of the man and his truck were taken.

"I'm so glad that I was there to find them but I'm still boggled at how anybody can do that," said Krieg.

The rescued kittens aren't up for adoption; they're being fostered. But, The Humane Society of Harford County is always looking for volunteers and people to adopt.

Click here for more information on how to do that.