In Harford County, heroin deaths continue rising

Posted at 11:56 AM, May 04, 2016

The sign serves as a stark reminder of the heroin problem Harford County faces.

Seventy-nine overdoses so far in 2016. As of this week, nine deaths.

Tonight @ 6: We talk to Harford County law enforcement officials about their plans to fight this growing problem.

The Harford County Sheriff’s Office posted a video on its Facebook page of the numbers being changed on the sign, which features the hashtag #Hope4Harford.

“Another life tragically lost to a suspected heroin overdose this weekend,” the post read.

 The video had been shared almost 300 times as of Wednesday.

Officials in Harford County, which has seen an increasing number of heroin overdoses and deaths in the last few years, have rolled out several efforts aimed at combating the problem, including town hall meetings and a work group, HOPE (Heroin Overdose Prevention Effort) for Harford.

Community in Crisis: Chasing the High   

The Sheriff’s Office began its public tally of the heroin overdoses in January. Last year, the office also launched several “heroin checkpoints,” which angered the American Civil Liberties Union of Maryland.

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