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Hundreds attend Harford County Sheriff's Office school Safety town hall

Posted at 11:17 PM, Mar 01, 2018
and last updated 2018-03-01 23:17:38-05

It's on the mind of every parent, when I send my child to school are they safe?

On Thursday hundreds of parents were at a town hall put on by the Harford County Sheriffs Office.

Some parents want to see armed resource officers and metal detectors in every school.

Some calling to arm teachers and make bulletproof glass the norm.

Security keeping a threat from getting into the school.

Amy Jahnigen has three boys in school, she doesn't want to see through back packs or armed teachers.

"I definitely don't think arming every teacher is the answer," said Jahnigen. "I think that we just need to be more vigilant in terms of who we're allowing in our schools. We need to focus on mental health issues and some of those types of things."

William Neuenschwander wants more good guys with guns in schools.

"I wonder if parents of victims of school shootings would ever look back and say wow I'm glad my teacher couldn't defend my child that day my child was killed," said Neuenschwander. "That's how I feel about it I feel pretty strongly about it."

Harford County Sheriff Jeffrey Gahler's children go to school in Harford County says it's insane that he can't pickup his daughter while carrying his gun.

"If there can not be a police officer on school property outfitted like I am today, with my service weapon extra ammo body armor to intercept a threat then I would like to see a citizen or a SRO (School resource officer) or a teacher," said Gahler, "Maryland law has to change before that can happen."

Donoven Brooks, The Chief of Safety and Security for Harford County says officials will be taking ALICE training in April.

ALICE stands for Alert, Lockdown, inform, counter, and evacuate.

"We're going to take the training so we can get a good understanding of how we should deploy it," said Brooks.  

He also plans on creating a task force of members at every school level.

"We're going to train custodial workers, cafeteria workers, every level of staff. On that task force I would also like participation from every member and every level inside of the school."

Once their trained they will roll out the training to train all the students in every school.

One of the big things Sheriff Gahler wanted people to walk away with amid all the social media threats is for parents and children to call in a threat to police immediately, and don't share the post.