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Harford County fire leaves family of six homeless

Family dog perishes in the fire
Posted at 6:30 PM, Apr 30, 2019

PYLESVILLE. MD. — Flames shot into the sky from the single-wide mobile home on Fawn Grove Road in Pylesville when Todd Linkous ran straight towards the fire from his nearby home concerned that a couple and their four children may still be inside.

"The smoke was so bad, we tried to go in the front door, but we couldn't get in,” said Linkous, “We hollered to make sure nobody was in there."

Their new puppy perished in the fire, but fortunately, Chris Greer and Amanda Schuster had taken their children to grab some lunch when an electrical problem around the breaker box sparked the flames burning the structure down to the studs.

Of their life's possessions, little more than a soccer ball, a stack of DVDs and some charred furniture survived.

"It's hard for us to go back and visit,” said Amanda, “We dug through the ashes just trying to find something, and there's just nothing left to find. There's just nothing left."

"The house went up in a matter of minutes,” added Chris, “It was just gone. Everything."

The couple is engaged to be married, and the toughest part has been explaining to their children what happened.

Of the four kids, Carter is the eldest at just 6 years old.

"Carter really grasps the situation. He understands that there's just no going back home and that's what sucks," said Chris.

"Everybody just wants to go home, but we don't have a home to go to," said Amanda.

While digging through the soot and ash, the couple did find Amanda's jewelry box with her class ring inside and a small wooden box that held some of Chris' dearest mementos.

"They're praying stones," explained Amanda.

"My dad, my grandmother and my great grandmother," added Chris, "That's what they represent."

"They were from their funerals," said Amanda.

"I was given one each time," Chris explained, as he looked down at the angels sealed in a round, acrylic coating.

And along with their faith, the fire has revealed a silver lining.

"The community has really helped out," said Linkous.

A community helping out a family, which now needs it the most.

"I can't believe that's what makes me proud to live in this county,” said Chris, “It really does. Northern Harford County and Jarrettsville and all the family love and support we couldn't do any of this without them. They've done nothing, but help."

A GoFundMe page has been set up to help the Greer family after the loss of their home. To donate, click here.