Harford County drama students want "pay to perform" fee repealed

Posted at 11:58 PM, Jun 27, 2016

Parents and students in Harford County Schools aren't happy about the fee charging students to participate in after school plays and dramas.

Their voices were joyful, but this was no celebration outside the Harford County Board of Education meeting. Students, parents and educators came to lift their voices in protest.

"I don't do any other extra curricular activities.  Drama is my only thing I do and I don't know if I'd be able to participate as much if they charged all that money," one student said.

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On the heels of the district almost loosing swimming, now news of  Harford County adding a pay to play fee for drama students isn't setting well with parents.

"The whole pay to play think is really hurting us.  We've got three kids.  It adds up fast.  You want them to be competitive in college, we want them to have things on their resume but it adds up and gets pricey and $100 is just obscene," one parent said.

There was standing room only inside the meeting, but it was only for the group to air their concerns. The decision has already been made.

Their only hope is the board repeals it.

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