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Harford County businesses honored for excellence

Posted at 11:23 PM, Sep 17, 2018

On Monday night some of the top small and large businesses were honored to kick off Business Appreciation Week at Water's Edge Events Center in Belcamp.

The President and CEO of the Harford County Chamber of Commerce Angela Rose said that business is thriving.

 “We have the Aberdeen Proving Ground here so that's a huge driver for our workforce, they employ 20,000 people,” Rose said.  “It's a great area for small business to develop because it's great for families and the business community. When you come into Harford County you really are connected, it's all about the relationships. “

While taking care of a pig without a home and making sure you are safe while surfing the internet are very different duties, both businesses were honored for their excellence.

The Harford Humane Society recognized as the best nonprofit.

The Executive Director Jen Swanson saying they’re saving more animals than ever.

” In 2017 we put our highest live release rate of all time which was a 92 percent live release rate,” said Swanson.  “In our industry anything over 90 percent is considered no kill so we are tremendously proud of that. We have a fantastic team of staff, volunteers, and fosters but we're always looking for more great volunteers and fosters. “

Tenax Technologies is a cyber security firm that started in Harford County in 2014.

They are already being honored as a local small business that is doing big things.

The President and CEO of Tenax Technologies Tamera Rush said one of their greatest strengths is the ability to hire a diverse work force with many employees coming out of Harford County Community College.

” We’re hiring folks at the most junior level yet we're able to build a career path, Rush said.  “There's a constant demand to get cyber warriors, engineers. We're hiring them at a very junior level and working to develop them and there's constant demand, so we're not worried about the workforce. “

For Len Parish, the Harford County Director of Community and Economic Development, the Harford awards are just a small sample of the bright future of the area.

” We recently landed 400 new jobs with two new national tenants in the growth of one of our existing tenants in about a million and a half square feet in East Gate on the Perryman Peninsula so we're super excited about that as well, “ said Parish.

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