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Family looks for man who never returned home from a walk

Posted at 11:14 PM, Nov 11, 2018

Two weeks ago 53-year-old Tim Scharfe went for a walk at 4 a.m. and never came home.

His daughter Michelle Mcghee says cameras captured him that afternoon;

“He was seen on a neighborhood camera walking through the neighborhood. He then either went home or continued to walk we weren’t sure. Then in the afternoon he was seen at Weis Markets where he used to work by a coworker and then he hasn’t been seen since then.”

Two weeks have gone by without a Trace.

He doesn’ have any conditions that would have caused him to wander off— and he has trouble walking.

The family says he would go outside to smoke sometimes but didn’t usually go for long walks.

“The last person that saw him did say he seemed confused and kind of disoriented so we aren’t sure exactly what’s going on. “

He had just welcomed his third grandchild into the world the week before he went missing.

“He loves being a grandpa so it just seems so odd that he’s away from them this long. He comes over all the time and plays with them and they go over to my parents house to play with him. He takes them on walks all the time and it’s just so odd that he wouldn't be around them or would purposefully go away from them.”

A husband father and grandfather that disappeared, and no answers as to where he could be.

“We’ve tried hospitals and police officers and just trying to think where he could possibly be and if he’s confused or out of it we have no idea what he could be thinking or where he would want to go. Just not knowing anything is very frustrating.”

Hoping answers and her father come home soon.