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Extremely rare white-tailed deer seen in backyard of Harford County home

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Posted at 9:41 PM, Jul 14, 2019
and last updated 2019-07-14 22:26:32-04

BEL AIR, Md. (WMAR) — Deer are a frequent site in many parts of Maryland, but if you blink or don't pay close attention, you may just miss something rare.

On Sunday evening, Harford County resident Mark Etzel came within about 50 feet of what looked to be a piebald white-tailed deer.

So you may ask what exactly is a piebald white-tailed deer, and what's the difference between them and those Marylanders see on a daily basis.

A piebald deer has various patches or spots of white hair on their coat, as opposed to a regular all brown color.

According to several studies, piebald deer make up less than 2% of the white-tailed deer population.

People often get them confused with albino deer which have all white fur and are even more scarce than piebald's.

Some states including Iowa, Tennessee, Montana, and Oklahoma have even put restrictions on hunting the rare animals.

Both piebald and albino deer reportedly often suffer from physical abnormalities, which in some cases lead to a short life span.

Whatever kind of deer Etzel saw in his backyard, it sure is rare.