Colleagues remember DFC Mark Logsdon

Posted at 11:27 AM, Feb 20, 2016
and last updated 2019-02-07 17:04:22-05

DFC Mark Logsdon was remembered by colleagues for his smile, good times with his friends, and dedication to his family and community.

"Mark, who was also known as our basement monster, lived with us for a few years," DFC John "Marty" Hoppa said.

Logsdon was there when Hoppa and his wife welcomed their daughter into the world, and Hoppa was there when Logsdon met his wife, Jennifer.

"And so, a short time later, we got our basement back," Hoppa said.

Harford County Sheriff Jeffrey Gahler said even though Logsdon's official title was "senior deputy," Logsdon was proud to go by DFC. Logsdon. 

“Mark wasn’t one for fancy titles. He was proud to be Deputy First Class,” Gahler said.

Gahler said the sheriff's office is like a family, and right now, it is a family with 600 broken hearts.

“Mark lives on as a hero,” Gahler said. “Mark truly is a hero,both big and small.”

Police work is not a career that will make you rich, or that has the best hours, and it's a career that sometimes requires the ultimate sacrifice, Gahler said.

And that's a sacrifice that Logsdon, and Sr. Deputy Patrick Dailey, made.

“I have heard so many what ifs. What if Pat had not answered the call? What if Mark had approached from a  slightly different angle? What if I had gotten there first?” Gahler said. "But there are no what ifs that are going to bring our brothers back.” 

Adam Argenbright of Maryland State Police said Logsdon didn't let anything get him down and he made others feel special.

"He was a great guy, I mean just all around. Everything about him. He made everybody feel good and today for me is the, as Mark would say, was the suckiest day that ever sucked," Argenbright said.