Cancer survivor focuses on community service

Posted at 6:13 PM, Aug 10, 2017

Grace Callwood was diagnosed with cancer in 2011. She was only seven years old. 

Fast forward to 2017 and Grace has been recognized all over the state and the country for her community service. He work started and continues in Harford County.

Whether they were stepping to stay in the game, or smiling in the sunshine, Camp Happy is living up to its name.

The free summer camp is in its third year. The program for kids living in the Harford Family House is Callwood's brainchild.

"This year we had 15 kids," she said.

Callwood wanted to give kids living in transitional housing something fun to do during the summer months. As a cancer survivor, the 12-year-old knows the importance of kids being able to be kids. After her close call she became committed to help others.

"I realized how much help and support I was getting from organizations when I was sick and I wanted to give the same sort of thing to children in sad situations," she said.

With camp ending this week, Callwood is already packing up purses for her next project. Her organization We Cancerve is helping the Harford Family House with its annual fundraiser....Hope in Handbags.

"We have cleared and stuffed these purses with themes, pretty in peach and orange bag, all for pre-teens and teenagers," she said.

"She gets us another population that may not be aware of the things that we do. We have youth groups that follow grace and know of all the wonderful things that she does additionally involved with us," said Sarah Ortiz-Brown, the director of programs and case management.

She said the Harford Family House is thrilled to have race on its board and as a member of the team. From the purse auction, to their various programs and camp, they share a common goal.

"The mission and the goal for everybody is to make all of the children that we served feel like they're just like any other child. Every child wants to have fun during the summer time and Camp Happy has certainly provided that for them," Ortiz-Brown said.