Stories that made us smile: April 2016

Teen with Down Syndrome named prom queen
Stories that made us smile: April 2016
Stories that made us smile: April 2016
Posted at 9:02 AM, Dec 25, 2016

A North Harford High School senior experienced the moment of a lifetime when she was voted prom queen by her school community back in April.

Danielle Marino, who has Down Syndrome, was nominated for prom court and crowned as family and friends looked on.

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The 18-year-old North Harford Hawks cheerleader became a social media sensation after a photo circulated of her standing next to prom king Zach Fiacco. The photo received hundreds of shares on Facebook and Twitter, and even made Danielle a recognizable figure within the community.

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While at a doctor's appointment, a nurse recognized Danielle from the Facebook photo and asked, “Was she voted prom queen?”

The night marked a proud moment for Danielle, her family and all of North Harford High.

“They announced her as prom queen and we were just stunned and the place just erupted,” her mom, Kim Marino, said. “She said, ‘mom I cried, I was just so happy.’”

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