Animal shelter in Harford County overcrowded

Posted at 5:45 PM, Sep 24, 2015
and last updated 2015-09-24 17:45:17-04
If you are looking for a cat to adopt, you'll have no trouble finding one at the Humane Society of Harford County.
The shelter has 140 cats at its location in Fallston, and a hundred more staying in foster homes.
"At the moment, we do not have enough room,” Adoptions Counselor Kaitlyn McElligott said. “We need rescues.  We need adopters.  We need fosters.  These animals need to get a home."
There are even cats on the counters, in the sink and on every windowsill, and the dog population has also exceeded the facility's capacity.
"Every cage is full… every kennel.  In some of our kennels, there's up to four dogs,” Executive Director Jen Swanson said. “We're doing that to save lives, but we even have dogs and cats that are kept right now in our veterinary area, which the public can't even see.  So those animals aren't getting viewed at all."
The spike in animals here may be seasonal, a product of the economy and a slowdown in adoptions, or a combination of the three, but one thing is certain---for every dog dropped off here right now, one must be moved out, and in the worst case scenario, it may be put down.
"Nobody wants it.  The public doesn't want us to euthanize.  We don't want to euthanize,” Swanson said. “It breaks our staff's heart.  It breaks our volunteers' hearts.  We want to get animals out alive into loving, forever homes."
The shelter is offering cat adoptions for $25 right now, and some dogs for half their normal cost---all in a bid to find them good homes.

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