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Adorable animals get a hand from Harford County Sheriff's Department

Posted at 1:17 PM, Apr 25, 2018
and last updated 2018-04-25 15:49:03-04

It was an adorably active few days for the Harford County Sheriff's Department, as a baby squirrel was rescued from a road on Tuesday afternoon, and an injured baby great horned owl was found at a home off Goosecross Court the week prior.

The squirrel, who was given the moniker "Chip," was spotted in a median in Whiteford by an officer. He was taken to the Phoenix Wildlife Center by Animal Control. 

"He's doing fine," said Kathy Woods, the Clinic Director at the animal rehabilitation center. She said the juvenile squirrel is about four weeks old, and he'll remain at the center until he's 15 weeks old, when he'll be reintroduced to the wild. As to how he made it to the middle of the road, that's more of a mystery, though it could have been a fortuitous break. Woods speculated he may have been dropped by a predator and landed there. 

The owl was in slightly tougher straits. Roughly six to eight weeks old, the tiny raptor is considered a "brancher" at that age, Woods said, meaning he could venture out of the nest and onto tree limbs, though he would still be cared for by a parent. He looks to have fallen, injuring his left "wrist" in the process. He'll rehab for roughly six weeks before he too can return to the wild.

It is the hope of the Phoenix Wildlife Center to return as many of their injured animals to the wild as possible. They coordinate with the Department of Natural Resources to find suitable spots to release the animals when they are ready to return to the wild.