Addiction organizations get behind new film dealing with youth addiction and recovery

Posted at 11:32 PM, Sep 29, 2016
It's called "Generation Found," a film that highlights recovery high schools in Texas and how they're helping young addicts get the most out of their recovery, has made it's way to Maryland.  
"I started using drugs and alcohol when I was 13 and I feel like if you can tell somebody about drugs and alcohol when they're younger, they won't even have the experiences that I had, Zack Trabbold said.
He along with Wendy Messner of Rage Against Addiction and Louis Marcell, a recovering addict, put on Thursday's screening.  
"Care shouldn't be just confined to treatment.  People in recovery are every where all walks of life," Marcell said.
For Messner, this film hits close to home.
"I lost my daughter in December 2015 to a heroin overdose," she said.
Organizers said it takes a village to help people reach recovery.
"It's films like this and other Greg Williams movies like the anonymous people that are bringing us out of the shadows and telling the world that we have something to offer," said Marcel.
"Educate yourself and know that no family is immune," Messer said.
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