A night of discussion after weeks of threats at Harford County Schools

Posted at 11:22 PM, Feb 26, 2018
and last updated 2018-02-26 23:22:41-05

With every threat to a school like the ones in Harford County, parents are brought back to watching what happened in Parkland Florida.

On Monday night they brought suggestions to a Harford County School Board meeting.

A room full of parents and students anxious to learn how administrators plan to stop the rash of threats against area schools from becoming action.

"We have a sense of ah nothings going to happen up here we live out in the country or whatever," Jim Calland, a parent said. "Evidently that was a very nice community in Florida. It does bring it home that this can happen anywhere."

Shannon Weinheimer, a parent, says the current protocol in Harford County is not in line with what the Department of Education and FBI suggest

"There should be multiple options in an active shooter event," said Weinheimer. "Such as run if you can, hide if you can't, fight as a last result. That's what I'm pushing for the new protocol to be. Also, people would say how would you know if you can run or not? How would you know if the shooter is to close? I propose that teachers have a walkie-talkie so they would be able to know if a shooter is close or not."

The Harford County Chief of Safety and Security Donoven Brooks said they are looking at updating procedures by looking at things like the ALICE training which stands for Alert, Lockdown, inform, counter, and evacuate.(insert this link here please

"We have more than just shelter in place. We pretty much have everything on the continuum responding to an active shooter situation except for the counter portion the fighting portion of it, said Brooks. "Other aspects of it we do incorporate in the training and the drills that we currently do."

Thankfully Brooks said all the threats so far have been fabricated or unfounded.

Telling parents to encourage their children to say something to someone in school immediately if they hear something.

"In some of the latest incidents we had we got on them so fast that we were able to identify people and now those people will be held accountable," said Brooks.

The Harford County Sheriffs office is holding a town hall to talk about safety in schools.

That will be Thursday at 7 at John Carroll School. Click here for details.