Woman's leukemia diagnosis inspires community blood drive

A family's labor of love to save others
Posted at 11:21 PM, Dec 29, 2016
One Harford County family is counting its blessings this holiday season. Just last year, Carolyn Lynch went into remission after a tough battle with leukemia.
Thursday, the community came out to a special blood drive to support others in need.
Carolyn's husband, Richard Lynch owns a small business on Main Street Bel Air and knows many people in the close-knit community.
When his wife was going through her worst, that same community came together to help. Richard has been organized blood drives since Carolyn was diagnosed. 
"She's had multiple transfusions and if you can give, give.  I can't give but I can organize," he said. 
The whole idea behind the drive is not just to pay tribute to Carolyn's battle, but to help others.
"Blood saved her life and it really, really means a lot there was a few times we waited for blood to come to the hospital and i don't want anybody to wait," Richard said.
"My stepmother came down with leukemia and as you know, leukemia is a blood borne cancer and it takes a lot of blood to do transfusions," Carolyn's stepson, Stephen Lynch, told ABC2. 
Carolyn had many blood transfusions, but you wouldn't know it by looking at her today.
"I feel great. I really do. I probably feel better than I ever have in my entire life," Carolyn said. 
These days, Carolyn spends time with her little granddaughter and both she and her family are in awe by how many people just want to help.
"I just can't thank them enough. Keep donating the blood we need it," she said.
"The blood that we give today it could be lifesaving to somebody tomorrow," her stepson Stephen Lynch said.
This is the fourth blood drive Richard has put together. Carolyn said when you donate, you never know whose life you're saving.
"I'm sure at some point in time I probably used somebody's blood here," she said.
Carolyn has been in remission since last July. She and her family say words can't express how grateful they are to the community.

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