Three officers injured following traffic stop

Posted at 5:30 AM, Feb 29, 2016
and last updated 2016-02-29 18:04:34-05
Little physical evidence remains of the confrontation with police in the wee hours of the morning Monday, but a nearby neighbor, Paula Ewing, says she won't soon forget what she witnessed.
"They were cussing up and down, and I'm like, 'What in the world?', but at the time I didn't see the lights from the police car until I went to my side window on the side of the house over there, and that's when I saw them and he was hollering at them," Ewing said.
Police had stopped the vehicle after witnessing a moving violation at Post Road and Greene Avenue in Aberdeen.
They were focused on the man behind the wheel who was driving with a revoked license when a passenger in that car, 34-year old Brandon Lee Watson, raised the stakes considerably with his actions.
"An occupant exited the vehicle and after a brief encounter, an item was discarded that officers believe ultimately was contraband,” said Sgt. William Reiber of the Aberdeen Police Department, “Officers engaged that individual and a struggle ensued."
Watson and two officers sustained injuries in addition to a third officer who responded to a call for back up.
He wrecked his police car on the way to the scene, and shook off his injuries as he sprinted the last half mile on foot to assist his fellow officers.
Watson now faces a series of charges including assault, resisting arrest and possession of marijuana and PCP.
"When we saw it on your news this morning at 10 after six, I'm like, 'Oh my,' and I had a feeling it might have been a drug bust because they had him on the ground," Ewing said.
The suspect and the three police officers have all since been released from area hospitals.

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