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13-year-old beats cancer, founds organization to help kids in need

Grace Callwood honored by Gov. Hogan for service
Posted at 11:55 PM, Nov 07, 2017

She beat cancer, now she's hitting the grocery isles!  Grace Callwood is just 13 and she's already been recognized by some important people while helping those in need.

Grace received a micro grant from Giant Food to start shopping for less fortunate young people in Harford and Baltimore counties. 

Tuesday, she talked about being honored by Governor Hogan and how she and The We Cancerve Movement, Inc. can do more.

"Battling cancer, I was able to have an inspirational story that I can share which will hopefully inspire other children, Callwood, told ABC2.

She survived Stage 4 Non Hodgkin's Lymphoma and founded The We Cancerve Movement Inc., all before she was 13.

"We can serve and also beating cancer has really been able to bring me a lot of new experiences.  With my organization, I've been able to get used to public speaking and interviews and being able to do events like this and actually be a leader," said Callwood.

A leader whose next project is shopping at Giant on a school night with her all youth board to fill food bags for needy children.

"I like to give to those who need it, I like to bring happiness to children, I like to make my friends laugh and so bringing happiness to someone who really needs it more than others or more than I do, just really makes me happy," said Callwood.

Wise beyond her years, Grace is determined to be a light for others, and her friends share her enthusiasm.

"I knew that there was a lot of homeless, sick and foster children but i wasn't aware of the difference that a kid my age can make in their lives," said Erin Acerno, a We Cancerve board member.

Grace's mother, T'jae Ellis, "Very early in her cancer journey, she identified an opportunity to help other children who were experiencing the sad situation that wasn't there fault we had no idea it evolve to this level."

Grace was recognized by Governor Larry Hogan for her work as founder of the We Cancerve Movement, Inc.; but her journey is about more than accolades.

"I like being honored and stuff but i'm really happy to be honored because that's sharing more information about We Cancerve so we can hopefully have more supporters in order to help more sick, foster and homeless children," Callwood said.

Now the sorting and packing process begins.

Grace and We Cancerve will get some help from The Boys and Girls Club of Harford County to fill 1000 bags for those in need in Harford and Baltimore counties.