Ocean City prepares for nor'easter, Joaquin

Posted at 7:08 PM, Oct 01, 2015
and last updated 2015-10-01 19:08:00-04

High-speed wind and rain arrived Thursday in Ocean City – less than 24 hours from the anticipated arrival of a nasty nor’easter and just days ahead of Hurricane Joaquin.

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“What we have in place is some significant rain over the next couple of days,” Joseph Theobald, director of Ocean City Emergency Service, said.  “The projections haven't been great -- somewhere between 7 to 10 inches of rain from last night and through Monday or Tuesday. So everything at this point is saturated.”

The saturation is evident by some minor flooding by the inlet. (See video)

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The surf raged against the jetty as a bull dozer pushed sand around at the inlet. Still some water pooled on the beach. While it's the first major storm here this year, it's not the first time Ocean City has had to deal with extreme weather condition. Early preparation, safety officials said, is key.

“It's mostly common sense. We check our technology,” Theobald said. “We make sure everything is working. It's everything from gassing the generators to making sure the vehicles are fueled and ready to go. [We're also] taking protective measures such as emptying anything off the boardwalk or on the beach that could become a fly object. Educating the community to be prepared and work with us.”

Peter Webster is visiting from California. He was supposed to be in a fishing tournament this weekend. That won't happen so he opted instead to take a few pictures.

“Is unbelievable,” he said.  “We were catching photographs under the pier it was just phenomenal. Waves are up to where you would almost stand on the pier. Phenomenal.”

Hurricane Sandy marked the last time Ocean City was evacuated. Emergency officials said they had no plans for a partial or full evacuation as of Thursday afternoon. 

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