No more fear to cross Bay Bridge

Posted at 12:06 AM, May 27, 2016
and last updated 2016-05-27 06:15:41-04
Memorial weekend is here and that means people are heading to the beach and crossing the Bay Bridge.
Over 26 million people cross the Bay Bridge every year. Most love the scenic views from the 4 mile, double span bridge. Others, are terrified to make the drive.
Kent Island Express is helping those drivers who suffer from Gephyrophia or the fear of crossing bridges, get where they're going.
"Most of the people have driven the bridge when they were younger and now they're afraid to now drive the bridge," driver, Jennifer Wolski, told ABC2.
She's been driving for Kent Island Express for almost a year and already she's seen a lot.
"The bridge is their fear," she said. "Usually people call us about an hour ahead of time from where they're calling and they let us know that they need a drive over," Wolski said.
She's talking about the hundreds of people who depend on the company to literally drive them over the majestic, yet intimidating structure.
"We grab their information, their car, when they're going to be here and we then they have to give us a call back from the Annapolis side if they're going to the Eastern shore or from the other side," she said.
Wolski says the people she's driving over the bridge so many of us love, are terrified of it.
"People who've had panic attacks, anxiety attacks and people just don't want to deal with it," Wolski said. "They've gotten so bad that they go about 5 miles an hour ,they hold onto the steering wheel like it's going to help them."
"We have two drivers," she said. "One, is in the person's car driving their car. One person is driving another car and we drive the bridge and then we have a meeting spot."
Another driver we spoke to, Chase Gorski, says he loves his job. He and Wolski both say while they know they're doing a service, they're the ones benefiting.
"One of my favorite parts is meeting people and I love talking to people, they have some great stories," said Gorski.
Gorski and Wolski urge drivers to brave the holiday traffic carefully.  That means no tailgating or distractions while behind the wheel.
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