Eastern Shore businesses prepare for severe weather

Posted at 5:37 PM, Aug 29, 2017
and last updated 2017-08-29 17:37:15-04

Kent Island is known for it's beautiful sun sets, but Tuesday there was more see gulls than people outside in this weather.

"We're on the water, we are about as on the water as you can get.....", says Al Wysong, owner of Big Owls Tiki bar, located on the Kent Narrows.

During the 11 years Wysong has run Big Owls, he's seen his share of weather on the Narrows.

"I've seen the water rush across the top" Wysong explains. "I've seen the water come up to the bottom, it's a strong pier. I've seen it two feet above the dock once."

With heavy winds and rain predicted Tuesday, Wysong has learned his lesson having a business on the water.  

"We have learned since '03 in Isabel the word "storm surge," before that I didn't know what a storm surge was but, I'm aware of it now," he said.

Wysong has seen a community come together and help one another during the tornado on Kent Island. He sees that in Houston now.

"I think the part of the stories that I'm seeing are the people going in to help other people," Wysong said.

He feels those on Kent Island can handle anything mother nature has for them.

"We're pretty hardy, it is an Island", Wysong says. "So their ready. Wind, rain, whatever.. this Island comes together."