Veterans' graves vandalized by 4-wheeler

Posted at 9:35 PM, Mar 07, 2016
and last updated 2016-03-07 21:37:28-05
It may look like any other small parcel of land tucked in the woods of Cecil County, but this is sacred land – a small family cemetery desecrated by vandals on all-terrain vehicles over the weekend.

"Then they got on my dad's and just burned out just non-stop," Sarah Marrs said.

An aggressive cancer unexpectedly claimed the life of Sherry Marrs' husband a few months ago, and she had just decorated his grave and those of his parents for St. Patrick's Day when she awoke the next morning and discovered the damage.

"To do what they did?  There are no words and I didn't feel angry.  They took...  This is my peace and my close time to him and this is where I come to decorate and talk to him.  So it's like they take something from you."

"My grandfather served in World War II.  You know fought... for his country,” said Sherry’s son, Bobby. “My grandmother was a nurse at a veteran's hospital.  My father---he was in the Army, in the Navy, retired from APG.  They were good people.  They'd help anybody."

Neighbors, family friends and total strangers are now showing up with mementos, flowers and even straw and grass seed to try to make the cemetery and the family whole again, but it won't be easy.

"You never would think someone could do that to your loved ones or do that to anybody," Sarah said.

"It's sick and whoever did this is an evil monster and they need (to be) locked up," added her brother, Bobby.

Not to mention a grieving widow who had found whatever peace she could in the small plot of land where her husband rests a few hundred feet from her home.

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"I don't care that they're always running up and down these roads.  We ignore them.  I don't pay any attention,” Sherry said. “Everybody's done it, and I don't bother with them, but not when they tear up that... that... That was too much."

Since the Marrs family discovered the damage yesterday, they have learned of several other incidents of vandals tearing up yards and trying to steal ATVs in the area.

They are offering a reward to anyone who helps police catch the criminals.
The grave sites are located at Marrs Cemetery at the intersection of Route 222, Old Conowingo Road and Ragan Road in Conowingo.


Please help us find the person that did this. What kind of evil monster would do something like this . Last night...

Posted by Bobby Marrs on Sunday, March 6, 2016