Lucky veteran to receive new roof

Posted at 5:36 PM, Dec 18, 2015
It's a major ticket item putting on a new roof.

The materials alone cost thousands of dollars.

But a Christian-based roofing company in Cecil county is providing a lucky veteran with a free roof this holiday season thanks to a recent sermon by their pastor at Crossroads Bible Church in Elkton.

"He basically said you should help others that need help and that's what we decided to do,” said Curtis Elmer of C7C Roofing, “He didn't say, 'Go buy or purchase a roof for anybody’, but he said, ‘You should help somebody’, and me and my wife were talking and we feel like this is what we can give and God has blessed us enough to do it, and we're not doing it for us.  We're glorifying God."

Elmer and his wife, Laura, are asking vets to share their stories by dropping them an email or picking up the telephone over the next few days, and on Christmas Day, once their children have finished opening their presents, they'll select the recipient of their own heartfelt gift.

They will pick up the costs of the roofing materials, and many of their workers will help by providing the labor at no cost.

"We don't have the extra money to be doing this, but what little bit we do have we want to give back," said Elmer.

So while it wouldn't fit in any offering plate, those who can... will, and those who roof... well, they will roof to benefit a person who has served this country, based on a Sunday sermon.

"You really wouldn't know that people cared about each other until you went to a good church like that," said Elmer.

The Elmers say this isn't about them, and they would shun any publicity surrounding their gift except for the fact they want veterans in need of a roof in Cecil County to contact them by sending an email to or by calling them at 410-287-9266.