Severe weather leaves a mess in one Sykesville neighborhood

Posted at 11:22 PM, Jun 18, 2018

Severe weather came through a Sykesville neighborhood leaving damage, trees toppled on top of cars in the quiet neighborhood.  Residents said they’re happy the damage wasn’t worse.

"It didn’t hit my old car, nope it had to smash my new car!  Murphy’s Law," homeowner, Robert Doxzen, told WMAR 2 News.

Doxzen is taking that damage in stride. Heavy winds and rain whipped through his neighborhood, leaving his 2017 Ford Escape destroyed.

"It looked liked a tornado to me.  It came through and then jumped up," he said,

There was no confirmation that a tornado damaged his neighborhood.  Sykesville Fire Department crews canvassed the area for damage and now the clean up starts for those who live here.

"It went beside my house, it’s amazing.  That amazed me that it missed my house and it kind of jumped up in the air.  It came up my hill, because it’s not flat there and then it hit other places in the neighborhood," Doxzen.

He said his neighbors also saw damage.  But like him, their homes were spared.  Those who saw it happen, were in awe.

Terry Browning told WMAR,"Within 15 seconds it did all this but it was amazing how it dropped down, it was at tree level and all of a sudden you hear this crack, crack crack."

That was the sound of trees splitting, huge pieces finding themselves on top of cars;  the weather leaving a mess in its wake.

"Some of these trees are 36 inches around but it’s just amazing what it did."

Doxzen said he's amazed and happy the damage wasn’t worse.

"I figured, it’s just a storm, another storm hit and it was just a devastating storm and we just accept it. At my age I’m close to 80 you take these things in stride and just recover from it."

The Sykesville Fire Department said there were no injuries after Monday's severe weather. They canvased the area and said BGE had restored power to most of the residents affected.  Officials warned people to stay away from downed trees and power lines.