Parents make plea for missing daughter's return

Westminster 15-year-old could be in Baltimore

WESTMINSTER, Md. - 15-year-old Emmilee Hamby disappeared from her home in a remote area of Westminster off of Stone Road sometime after midnight Wednesday morning, and her parents are making a public plea for her return.

"Emmilee, if you're out there and you see this, Mommy just wants you to please come home,” said Barbie Hamby, the teen’s mother, “We miss you.  We don't know why you did this or what's wrong, but we can talk it through.  Just come home.  Call us and let us know you're okay.  Please.  Please."
Investigators say based on the teen's social media accounts before she left home, she had recently traveled to the Garrison Avenue area of Northwest Baltimore and that's where they're focusing their search.

"We do not suspect foul play in her disappearance nor do we believe that Emmilee was involved in any criminal activity,” said Carroll County Sheriff Jim DeWees, “No drugs... nothing that would indicate that a crime was involved."
But that comes as little consolation to Emmilee's parents.

"If you feel unsafe, girl, just go to any local police department... anywhere you feel safe," said Jared Hamby, Emmilee’s father.
Initially, police had sought a 17-year-old boy from the Pimlico area in connection with the disappearance, but say they are now satisfied he is not involved.
They say Emmilee is believed to have taken a bag of clothing with her when she left the house early Wednesday and she did not have her cell phone, which may have been a trigger in her decision to leave her home.

"The only thing we done was took her phone away on Friday night and how many teens get their phones taken away for bad behavior?" explained her mother.
If you have any information on Emmilee Hamby's whereabouts, you're asked to call the Carroll County Sheriff's Office at 410-386-2900.

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