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Controlled breach ordered at Cascade Lake

Strained dam threatens area with flooding
Posted at 1:20 PM, Aug 04, 2018
and last updated 2018-08-06 16:33:07-04

Billed as a step back in time, the once pristine waters of Cascade Lake now more resemble a giant mudhole, suspending summer vacations and threatening low-lying land, which borders it in the process.

"Somebody stopped here the other day and the road was shut down, and they said, 'We're still having the company picnic there.'  I go, 'What?' said Barry Naylor, who lives near the property, “So they're still keeping some of their business.  There's nobody in the water, but it's been terrible here."
A breach in the lake's strained dam could send a torrent of water downstream and the state had closed nearby roads as the owner's contractors pump water out of the lake in what is called a controlled breach.
State transportation trucks are standing by to keep sightseers out and to block off surrounding roads should the dam give way.
The swollen lake reached capacity after a deluge of rain recently.

"It's been almost three straight weeks of rain,” said Naylor, “I mean just everyday it's been the hardest rain I've ever seen in 25 years.  It's just insane."
An uncontrolled breach could shut down as many as 10 roads in North Carroll County as well as flooding potentially thousands of acres of land, and now those who live below the lake must play a costly waiting game to see if man can slow down what mother nature has produced as the stakes rise, like the water, even higher.
"No one has said anything to us, but mostly they're warning the people below it, because if it goes, it's going that way," said Naylor.

For now, Snydersburg Road will remain closed between Cape Horn Road and Hampstead Mexico Road until future notice.


The following additional roads may be closed if necessary:

  • Brodbeck Road by Walmart
  • Brodbeck Road – Walmart side at # 1517
  • Brillhart Road & MD 482
  • Brodbeck Road & Schaeffer Drive 
  • MD 482 & North Brook Road
  • Shiloh Road & Brodbeck Road
  • Cape Horn Road & Brillhart Road
  • Harvey Gummel Road & N. Cape Horn Road
  • MD 30 - Bypass & MD 482