Bride's family stranded in TX says wedding will go on

Posted at 11:42 PM, Sep 01, 2017
and last updated 2017-09-02 10:13:18-04

Harvey's historic nature brought tragedy while showing the triumph of the human spirit.  One Baltimore couple is dealing with the storm in a different way as the prepare to say "I, do."  Several members of the bride's family can't make it because they're stranded in Houston.

Friday's rehearsal was bitter sweet for Hillary McInnis and her fiance. But they aren't letting this national tragedy take away from their special day. 

"This Sunday is supposed to be our wedding and a very joyous occasion but unfortunately my family is from Houston, Texas and they were hit hard by the hurricane," McInnis told ABC2.

Meaning this devastation is what's keeping them from seeing Hillary and her fiance, Dashaun tie the knot.

"They're safe and that's a blessing and that's what's most important. Some of them are without water and had to evacuate their homes, and have no power the other half is ok but still cannot go anywhere," she said.

"It's really different when it's your family that's really in need you just wish that you could be there to help so it's really hard to be excited."

A great attitude for this bride who's seen her share of challenges

"My proposal ring was delayed and luckily I didn't know about that but my fiance had to go through all the craziness with that, we were booking with a venue and on the way there, they emailed and said we could no longer meet, a couple days later we find out that the venue closed permanently," McInnis said. 

But that's not the end of the story.

"Me and my bridesmaids got our dresses from Alfred Angelo and picked them up 2 days before they closed."

She let us in on her wedding story at her rehearsal Friday night.

"I just wish that I could cancel everything here and be there be even if I could, there's no where to get there or at least if they could've made it here and the hurricane hit and least they would be safe," said McInnis.

Groom Dashaun McNealy is just trying to make his bride happy at this point.

"Whatever I can do make things run as smoothly as possible, unfortunately, there's nothing I can do as far as getting them up here," McNealy said.

As he practiced walking down the aisle McNealy said his soon to be family will be greatly missed.

McNeal said,  "I had the pleasure of meeting them during the proposal, I flew down there, everybody is nice people and they're just a small family and really tight knight."

And although Hillary will be 8 loved ones short on her big day, they will be closest to her heart.

"I miss them and I love them and I wish that they could be here and all the support that they give me I just want to give back to them." said McInnis.

Hillary and her family say they will Facebook live the ceremony on Sunday.  She's also hoping that her Texas family will eventually be able to make the trip to Maryland to see her and her new husband.