8-year-old Essex boy honoring police officers in unique way

Posted at 11:58 PM, Sep 13, 2016
Most 8 year olds think of sports, school and video games.  But Matten Roy is all about giving back and showing appreciation for his hometown heroes.
Being a police officer can be a thankless job but Roy is trying to change that. He spends his time working through his own health issues, while making sure those that protect and serve are recognized.
It all started with a hand delivered letter to his local police department, but Roy didn't stop there. He's taking police appreciation to a whole new level, by feeding them!
Roy looks like any other boy his age, but he hasn't have a normal childhood.
"His most recent diagnosis is a very rare situation. There's a bunch of different forms so we're undergoing months worth of testing," Matten's mother, Melissa Roy, said. 

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Even after a Cerebral Palsy diagnosis, many trips to the hospital and doctor and now the possibility of a rare illness looming, Roy thinks more about serving others.
"When I grow up, I really want to be a K-9 officer," he said.
And no diagnosis is going to stop this 8-year-old.
"I really want to do those things.  Like I really want to help other people and I don't want that to step me, so I don't let it stop me," Roy said.
His mom is thrilled to see that type of character in her son.
"He wants to change the world," she said.  "He was said about a lot of the violence against police so he decided he wanted to do something."
It's a dream many young boys have but he shows his heroes how much he respects them, now. He uses lunch time to thank the men and women in blue. 
This week, Matten gets to enjoy lunch with about 100 officers from all over the area.  And the he organized it all.  He says he wants to make this a tradition.

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