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Woman on quest to reunite old lost photos with family

Posted at 10:26 PM, Apr 03, 2019
and last updated 2019-04-04 08:24:06-04

DUNDALK, Md (WMAR) — Every morning, Christina Wright walks her son to his bus stop a block from their Dundalk home. On Monday, she noticed something different.

"They were scattered all up and down the road," said Wright.

Dozens of old family photos were strewn across Willow Spring Road near Patapsco Avenue.

"When I saw it was someone's wedding picture in the road, I couldn't just leave that there," said Wright.

So she walked the block in her St. Helena neighborhood, picking them all up – 43 in total.

GALLERY: Woman on quest to reunite old lost photos with family

"I was picking every last picture up that I could find, and it was heartbreaking because this is someone's family. This is someone's heritage," said Wright. "If it had been my family, my heritage, I wouldn't want that scattered across the road like that."

Some were run over a few times but most were in good condition.

"Even damaged, it's a beautiful picture," said Wright.

Now they cover her dining room table. Most are from the 1940s, but some are more modern. Most don't have writing on them, but a few have years. They don't give away too much, but what she does see is happiness.

"If all of these pictures are the same people, that couple probably had a very full life. I hope they did," said Wright.

She and her family are on a mission to get them back where they belong.

"If that were my great grandmother, I would have loved to have that; a little piece of my family history," said Wright. "I would love to find the family and give them all these memories back."

And if no one ever reaches out, she will keep them.

"I'm actually putting together a photo album, putting them in there just so they are a little better preserved. And if the family is ever found, I would love to hand it over to them," said Wright.

If you think you know anyone in the photos or have information on the family, e-mail WMAR-2 News reporter Abby Isaacs at and she will connect you with the family.