Trailer stolen from Dundalk dance center

Posted at 11:09 PM, Aug 09, 2017
and last updated 2017-08-10 07:34:34-04

Their country themed show wowed judges last week in Ocean City, now all that's left is the dancers.

The Royal Performing Arts Center says its travel trailer was stolen overnight Monday, containing hundreds of dollars in props, costumes and trophies.

"We have a 10 foot barn in two pieces, we have fence posts, we have a cardboard cow that stands up, we have chickens that are zip tied to two remote controlled cars that go across the stage," said owner Denise Rogers.

The trailer had been sitting outside the center on North Point Rd. It was still full of gear from a recent competition in Ocean City, where the performance won first place in the production category.

"A lot of that stuff's not replaceable," said Heather Currie, one of the dancer's mothers.

"Hours and hours and hours of time that we've spent in the studio putting it together, making it," said Kimberly Peck.

Rogers is hoping that the thief brings back the items, betting that he or she wasn't looking for what they found inside.

"They didn't need to keep those things," she said. "They could have taken them out and set them out front. You know, if they still want to bring them back it would be nice!

Baltimore County Police say they are investigating the theft.