Towson University holds vigil for Orlando victims

Posted at 5:02 PM, Jun 14, 2016

Towson University students, faculty and staff held a vigil Tuesday for the victims of the attack in Orlando. 

Most students aren't on campus because of summer vacation, but a large crowd showed up to stand in solidarity and show support for the LGBTQ community. 

Several students spoke up, including Towson Student Government Association Vice President James Mileo, who identifies as a gay man.

Mileo pleaded with those in attendance to remember that the attack in Orlando wasn't just at a night club, but at a gay night club. 

"As someone from the gay community, I ask you, when you refer to this event, make sure you make it a point to say that it was an LGBT club," Mileo said. "Make sure you make it a point to say that the LGBT community was persecuted."

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And, while Towson President Kim Schatzel wasn't able to attend, Towson's provost was.Tim Chandler, who served as interim president, thanked students for making the vigil possible and offered his support. 

"These are difficult emotions to deal with when you cannot make sense of what is happening around you," Chandler said. "All that's left is to come together, grieve together and try to make what sense you can together, and then think about how best we can move ahead." 

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