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Towson students outraged over rash of sexual assaults

Posted at 10:32 PM, Oct 01, 2019
and last updated 2019-10-01 23:17:00-04

TOWSON, Md. — Enough is enough--that was the message from Towson University students tonight following recent investigations into sexual assaults on campus.

Students were showing up and speaking out following a forum with University President Kim Schatzel.

Many of the students feeling frustrated that the campus they were sold as the safest in Maryland is now investigating its second sexual assault in as many weeks.

Fely Yigle is a freshman and member of student government.

“It’s ridiculous being a freshman and seeing all these things so early on,” said Yigle. “I’ve been here 4 weeks paying all this money just to have this type of nonsense occur on my campus. It’s ridiculous.”

On Sunday night Towson University Police say a man grabbed a woman’s breast in the University Union building.

A week earlier a male student was arrested for sexually assaulting a female student in on campus apartment.

Those incidents prompted Schatzel to call for the forum.

“I really love how the university is taking action,” said Senior Matt Smith. “Getting students in to inform them of what’s going on and really try and prevent things like that.”

Sophomore Margaret Garcia is frustrated that it took these things happening for the administration and campus police to look at changes.

“Now everyone’s ears are up, we are numb, but we are doing something,” said Garcia. “It’s our generation we’re standing up we want to do something. It’s so hard because there is a lot we can’t do.”

Senior Nashara Hilton said that the people that need to hear that this isn’t okay aren’t being reached.

“They talk about the sexual assault victims and what they need to do to protect themselves. The perpetrators are the ones not getting the lessons of what they need to do to stop harassing when no means no or yes means yes, what is consent.”

Schatzel wasn't available to talk before or after the meeting.

Here is the statement she sent:

Any and all forms of violence, sexual misconduct, sexual assault, harassment or intimidation will not be tolerated at Towson University. The recent events of sexual assault affect everyone on our campus — faculty, staff and students. The campus forum held this evening, and what we hear and share there, will be important for our university community going forward.

We as a community stand resolute and unwavering in that commitment to our community and each other.