Tens of thousands brave rain on last day of early voting

More than 71,000 people voted early on Thursday
Posted at 4:20 PM, Nov 03, 2016
and last updated 2016-11-03 19:19:19-04

It's the last day to vote early, and the record number of people showing up to polls isn't stopping. 

At the end of Wednesday, more than 725,000 people voted early. 

 "We're setting records literally on a daily basis. We were bigger yesterday, literally, than we were the day before and we're expecting an even much larger total here, yet, today," Craig Booth, with the Baltimore County Board of Elections, said. 

They're record numbers with high expectations. 

"I kind of expected it just because of the nature of the contest this year. I felt like turnout was going to be big and it has proven to be that," Booth said. 

He said the long lines at his polling place were moving, but the wait time was up to an hour if not longer.

"Even if it were pouring down I'd be here," Jim White, a voter, said in reference to the drizzle. 

People braved the rain to get their ballot in on the last day of early voting, including first-time voter John Hulde, who says he wished he saw more of his peers in the line with him. 

"It doesn't shock me that this is record numbers. I'm a little surprised at seeing not as many people as young as me voting inside. So that's what surprised me," the 20-year-old said. 

Still the amount of people and the wait didn't bother some voters. They were excited to part of the process.

"When we vote where we are, normally, the lines are long and they go quickly, but I was surprised to see it this long. It isn't disheartening. It's neat, actually. It's really cool," White said. 

It's a positive response to a record-breaking early voting season and booth says his staff is ready and waiting. 

"The policy is, if you're in line -- voting stops at 8 p.m. -- but if you're in line, you get to vote," Booth said.