Severe storms rip through Towson

Posted at 11:19 PM, Jun 18, 2018

Severe storms caused damage in Baltimore County Monday night ripping down power lines and uprooting trees.

In Towson at Riderwood Hills Park a swing set is now a heap of tangled wood and metal.

Chelsey Cooper said the storm didn’t last longer than three minutes.

“You could see the trees bending at like a 90-degree angle it was pretty severe,” said Cooper.

When that force hit it left trees down on homes on Donington Circle.

You can barely make out the house number through the branches and leaves that now cover the front of the home.

Luckily the woman inside wasn't hurt.

A few houses down Cooper was supervising a final play date for her young daughter Maisey and her friend Caitlyn who is moving away.

 “We were just playing, we had a bunch of stuffed animals on the floor and it got very dark and then the rain started down,” Maisey and Caitlyn said.  “I said girls we need to get in the basement I think it’s time to get downstairs because it’s getting very windy,” Cooper said.

Sidings were thrown from homes like pieces of paper in the wind.

For Johnna Hinton, it was the sound of the swift moving destruction that stuck out.

 “My husband said what’s that noise and I said sounds like a train let’s go,” Hinton said.  “I jumped up and ran on the deck to grab my flowers in. and that quick it was maybe 40 seconds it was gone.”

Hundreds left without power on what was the hottest day of the year so far.

“That’s the worst part we don’t have any air,” said Hinton.

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