Series of fires in Fork has neighbors, police worried

Posted at 11:20 PM, Apr 11, 2017
and last updated 2017-04-11 23:29:43-04

A rash of fires in one Fork neighborhood has residents and first responders wondering what will go up in flames next.

No one knows right now what's causing the fires.

"The electrical pole here has caught on fire three times," said Robert Chaney, Kingsville Volunteer Fire Company president. Two homes just steps away from that same pole have also caught fire, forcing residents out.

Right now, investigators say they can't peg it on criminal activity, but people who call the neighborhood home are worried.

"The worry getting answers as to the cause and being able to feel like we have some resolution," said Adam Laye, whose home caught on fire April 1.

He, like many others, live near the intersection of  Upland and Regwood Roads in Baltimore County -- which has seen an unusual sequence of fires.

The first pole fire was in October, the next in January, the third one in March. In February this home caught fire, then most recently, the fire at the Laye house--every location just steps away from each other.

 "Where is the next one going to happen? We all want to protect our families, we want to protect our investments. We need answers," Mark Kresel said,

Although BGE has assured the neighborhood it's not an electrical issue, police can't confirm criminal activity.

Local lawmakers have stepped in to help residents in need.  As a precaution extra patrols have been assigned to the area.