Remembering a love story

Posted at 6:49 PM, Jun 14, 2018
and last updated 2018-06-14 18:49:41-04

This is the Jones family.  Born, Raised and they will never leave Dundalk.  Their universe is Mary and Bill.  Then their world stopped when Bill’s memory bank went bankrupt.  Just a month ago, they learned Bill has Lewy Body dementia.  It is like the cousin of Alzheimer’s.  Mary went nose to nose with doctors because they didn’t know what Bill had.  Now we know. 


In our Men’s Health series, we keep up with the Jones’s to show you what love is, in sickness and in health.


Bill was slipping.  Mary saw it.  It was beyond forgetting where you put your car keys.  A man who could lead you off a dirt road was lost.  Mary said he was making wrong turns.  She knew something was wrong.  Test after test and nothing.  Finally just last month Mary and Bill found out about Lewy Body dementia.  Bill’s work called and although very supportive, they knew his work would not work out. 


Mary who ironically works in the field of dementia says nobody knows what its like until you have to deal with this disease. She says as soon as you see something unusual, write it down.  Write down the date, time and the mood.  Don’t wait to get in touch with a doctor. 


Mary and Bill are on their way to DC to talk with Congress to get more research funding and more awareness.  Listening to their story will not be a hard sell.