Parents, school board weigh in on Baltimore County Schools Superintendent resignation

Dr. Dallas Dance announced resignation Tuesday
Posted at 11:29 PM, Apr 18, 2017
and last updated 2017-04-19 06:35:43-04

Dr. Dallas Dance, Baltimore County School Superintendent is ready to move on. He announced his resignation Tuesday just one year into his second 4-year contract.

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A school board member, Marisol Johnson said she supports his decision. 

"If he does not step to the side now and let the board and the system run the way the system needs to run independently and stop all the discussion about things that aren't education related the system will them come to a halt so I think he made the right decision."

Many are calling Dance's resignation abrupt. His contract came with a $287,000 salary and Dance said Tuesday, while he's loved his time with the school district, it's time to go.

"Personally it was the right time for me and my family and I know that it's personally the right time for the school system as well."

Parents say there's still work to be done within the school system. 

"Overwhelming, disappointment there's a lot going with Baltimore County and its a very large school district, a lot of changes and I just feel like the work is not completed," Dayana Bergman said. "We were just getting started."

"While the superintendency has been the best job, it does weigh on you and becomes taxing. And 18 hour days, they're just not sustainable," Dallas said. 

Dance said he's proud of the caliber of teachers, staff, principals and school leaders who have rallied around education. His peers are bracing for a loss but support the decision to replace dance.

"His vision has been terrific and not everything is coordinated in the way that we agree necessarily, but his vision was always there this issue lies in the implementation," said Abby Beytin, president of the Teachers Association of Baltimore County.

So what's next for Baltimore County school leaders?

"We now have a plan that we will look most likely internally for a replacement superintendent and then we have to have someone in place in 60 days," Johnson said.

Dance's last day is June 30. It's not clear what dance will do once he leaves his post.