Ravens Jameel McClain hosts Thanksgiving dinner for community

Posted at 10:39 PM, Nov 22, 2016
and last updated 2016-11-22 23:52:46-05

Ravens player Jameel McClain hosted his 7th Thanksgiving community dinner on Tuesday night. He and his 53 Families Foundation paired up with the Salvation Army to make it happen.

"It's really just a fun event, we sit down, we eat, and then we send everybody home with thanksgiving meals, trimmings, everything on the sides, gifts for the kids," McClain said. "It's everything all in one."

The Salvation Army brought the people and McClain's foundation brought the sponsors. Ravens player Justin Tucker co-hosted Tuesday, and there were a few other Ravens players there for the occasion.

"I'm happy to see the kids smile," McClain said. "I'm happy to see the kids just be excited to be here and to get lost within this moment and to get the chance to meet some of their idols."

Major Gene Hogg is the area commander for the Salvation Army in central Maryland. He's happy that he can have a hand in feeding the community.

"Hunger is a real issue for our whole community. Especially for the individuals like the people here tonight who live in food deserts, who can't just readily go to the supermarket," Hogg said. "They'll have to get on a bus and sometimes travel two miles just to find a supermarket. So to be able to come to this event, have a great time to meet the professionals, and to be able to take a turkey and fresh vegetables and canned goods home to have that sit down meal on thanksgiving -- it's a world of difference to them."

McClain started the 53 Families Foundation back in 2010, and since then, he's helped thousands of people access shelter, food and clothing. With a motto of "Adversity won't stop me," he's determined to help families all over Baltimore, no matter the circumstance.

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