Public viewing draws hundreds for fallen officer

Bel Air Road turns into parking lot

PERRY HALL, Md. - People lined up for blocks along Belair road to make their way into Schimunek Funeral Home to remember Officer 1st Class Amy Caprio who died in the line of duty this week after being mowed down by a suspect's car during a botched burglary.

A classmate of Caprio's back in the police academy, Officer Nicholas Moore recalled his response upon learning of her death.

"I started calling the classmates letting them know what was going on.  After I did that I just went home, got all of my gear and just went out and started searching, doing whatever I could, because I knew I couldn't sit at home and do nothing," said Moore.

While Caprio had served less than four years with the department, many spoke of the bright future she would have had.

"She could have been chief someday," said Officer Barry Jordan, "A quick learner, very intelligent... as a field training officer, you just kind of hope they bring a lot of things to the table and she brought a lot to the table.  I just pointed her in the right direction and she just took off.  She was a self-starter, very intelligent, asked good questions, learned things right the first time.  She was an asset to our police department.

And for one officer who served side-by-side with Caprio in the Essex Precinct, she was for more than a fellow officer.

"She was the best of best friends," said Officer Bostedo, who requested we not use her first name, "I don't know how she had the hours in the day to be there for everybody, to always be checking on people, making plans with people, to catch up with people, see people, talk to people---She was one of those friends that you just can't imagine living without."

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