Public safety employees say payroll system isn't working

Posted at 11:53 PM, Nov 17, 2016
and last updated 2016-11-17 23:53:52-05

Public safety employees hit the streets in a rally Thursday to demand their missing pay.

Three weeks ago, the state implemented a new payroll system, and employees said it's not working. Lisa James Henson, a protester, said some of her coworkers got three hours on their paychecks, and others didn't get a check at all.

"The whole system needs to be rectified," Henson said. "Not just give us our check, but rectify the system. Pay these people what they're owed. We're made to work overtime, and we're still not being paid, even for the overtime. So we need our money and we need the system rectified."

The Department of Public Safety admits there are still some flaws in the system.

"Going forward we're going to work the glitches out," said Gary McLhinny, Director of Professional Standard. "We have people still working overtime, still working nights and weekends and the holidays coming up, we're going to have people working to make sure the employees get paid properly."

Wednesday was pay day. McLhinny said that of the 10,000 employees, only 86 came forward with concerns that they weren't paid properly.

"We made sure there were hand cut checks that day to assure they got their full 80 hours of pay that they deserved," McLhinny said.

The people protesting at the Public Safety Headquarters in Towson said something different.

"Officers are not being paid," James Henson said. "We are told from one check to the next, and we're not being told the truth. So we're out here for our pay."

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