Police pursuit ends with two people dead on I-95

Posted at 11:12 PM, Dec 11, 2015

It's easy to gripe about the traffic.  It's tough to take in the news.

"That's horrible," said Stephanie Blackwell, who was stuck in traffic while avoiding I-95. 

At a point, the backup extended for nine miles on I-95 at New Forge Rd. in White Marsh.  Tough to avoid the bumper-to-bumper traffic Friday afternoon, even on the side roads.

"From Middle River Rd. to here was totally backed up," said Blackwell, who took and hour to go what usually takes 10 minutes.    

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Good Morning Maryland Anchor Ashley James shot video of a Medevac landing on I-95.         

Maryland Transportation Authority Police say around 1:40 Friday afternoon, an officer tried to pull over a car that kept going.

The five-year veteran pursued the car about 12 miles on the northbound lanes, from Eastern Ave. to New Forge Rd.

"MDTA police officers are authorized to pursue vehicles, and we do leave this to the discretion of our officers," said First Sergeant Jonathan Green, MDTA spokesman. 

First Sgt. Green says the suspect's vehicle went across the grassy median and hit a car going southbound. 

Three people were in each car.  One person in the suspect's car died at the scene.  One person from the vehicle that was hit died at Shock Trauma.  The officer was not involved in the crash. 

The owner of Push Clothing at White Marsh Mall knew something was going on. 

"Traffic in the mall just kind of slows down for a couple of hours cause people just can't get off exits so they just say forget about it, come back later," said Caitlin Washington, owner, Push Clothing 

It's the second deadly crash in two days on I-95 around the same area.  On Wednesday night, investigators say 21-year-old Bryanna Ey, a cheerleading coach and a nursing student at Towson University, died when she changed lanes into the path of a tractor-trailer.  The truck driver couldn't stop, and Ey's car hit a third vehicle.

First Sgt. Green is not saying why the officer wanted to pull the suspect's car over in the first place.  We don’t know the identities of the two people who died or if they were drivers or passengers.  

The crash is being investigated by Maryland State Police.