Police and community come together after team of burglars attack Baltimore County

Baltimore, Md. (WMAR) - Community members across Baltimore County worried about their safety, with police suspecting that one group of criminals is responsible for 18 burglaries since October.

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Baltimore County Police called a community meeting Tuesday evening at the Maryland State Fairground to listen to concerns and ease people’s minds.

It was standing room only in the building that held 450 people.

Some people who have become victims in their own homes were afraid to even leave the house to go to the meeting.

"Friday evening, we heard the helicopters and everything around and she let us know what was going on,” said Joyce McCrystle who lives in Jennifer Ridge. “I think it's too close."

Baltimore County Police Major David Folderauer said they have enough resources for the communities being targeted, and that people can expect to see an increased presence.

“It's very rare that your communities are being targeted the way they're being targeted these last couple months," said Folderauer.

Without giving away any strategy at a public event that the suspects may see, Folderauer guided people on what they can do to avoid becoming a victim.

"I wouldn't change any of your habits,” he said. “If you park in your garage and you think it would be easier to stay out of the garage to make it look like somebody's home that could get noticed.”

Neighbors taking the time to ask questions, and provide solutions of their own.

"Unite and light criminals don't like light," one woman in the crowd said.

Many in the crowd came to get peace of mind that their neighbors are in it together to stop the criminals.

"It's our responsibility to be there for our neighbors and I am sorry to my neighbors that were robbed. You should never have that taken away from you, your home is your safe place and it should always be your safe place," said a woman in the crowd.

Police were walking around and taking people’s email addresses with a hope to start an email chain to update specific neighborhoods as the investigation continues.

As of Tuesday night, no arrests had been made.

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