People in Baltimore County drying out basements and picking up the pieces

Hundreds of people in Catonsville, Oella, and Dundalk are drying out their possessions and starting cleanup.

Charlie Schultz who lives in Catonsville wasn’t home when flood waters uprooted his fence and crept up around a foot in his basement.

The basement sump pump had the water out before the young family came back from vacation, but they returned home to ruined furniture and baby clothes everywhere.

“It was obvious that they had floated around the basement because things were strewn about everywhere and were tipped over and filled with water so we’re hoping to salvage them,” Schultz said.

Schultz didn’t envision using his white fence as a drying rack for flood-soaked baby clothes.

After calling the company that put the fence in and his insurance, he’s finding out it may be a while before the fence can get back to its day job.

 “The water must have pulled up some of the earth and there and some large rocks,” Schultz said. “It looks like it pulled it through the fence. There’s some debris along the fence and the fence is all out of whack.”

He’s concerned about his young ones playing in a yard with an open spot in the fence, and a road that’s now falling apart.

“It’s pulled away from where the guardrail is so there’s a big hole up there so that kind of concerns me so hopefully someone from the county will get back to us about that.”

Baltimore County is still dealing with 4 road closures and hundreds of people in recovery mode.

Baltimore County Councilman Tom Quirk said the people leaning on each other to move forward.

“I got multiple emails from people saying firefighters were at their house at two in the morning pumping out 3 feet of water from their basements. It was amazing. “

The fast-moving destruction leaving behind a long messy road to recovery.

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