Organization renovates home for Dundalk Army veteran

Posted at 1:46 PM, Jul 14, 2016
and last updated 2016-07-15 08:42:27-04

Charles Faison’s home on Sollers Point Road in Dundalk has served him well over the last 52-years.  A gift from his Mother-in-Law, Charles and his wife raised three children in the two-story house.

He loves the neighborhood, and is comfortable staying put.

"Here I can sit on the porch and wave at everybody," said Charles.

But the list of needed upgrades and repairs was getting longer.

"Oh, I had several problems because it's an old house,” Charles said.

The place was built in 1933. 

Thursday, the home got a facelift.  Sears Heroes at Home and Rebuilding Together Baltimore teamed up to do the work.  About 20 volunteers spent the entire day fixing things, and sprucing the house up from top to bottom.

"Home repairs and renovations that are gonna help him stay safe and healthy in his home,” said Bonnie Bessor, Executive Director at Rebuilding Together Baltimore.  “And help him to be able to stay here as he grows older as long as he wants."          

A dangerous flight of stairs to the back deck were stabilized, damaged ceilings were overhauled, the roof was patched, and smaller upgrades to the bathroom will help Charles get around the house easier.  Sears is even replacing his oven.

A lot of the projects were aimed at making the home more energy efficient, so Charles can save some money on his bills.  They added insulation to the crawl space and attic, as well as replacing all of the light fixtures, and using LED bulbs.

"Makes me feel like a king,” Charles said.  “It really makes me feel good, and I really appreciate Sears doing this for me.  I’m really appreciative, yeah makes me feel good."

Charles joined the Army when he was 19-years-old, and served for 30-years.

For many people, coming out to support a veteran was a no-brainer.

"They asked for volunteers and I put my hand up, I knew I wanted to help him," Volunteer Scotty MacCord said.

Taking a weight off Charles' shoulders so he can be comfortable in his home.       

"It makes me feel better knowing that the stuff was fixed and I ain't got to worry about it," he said.

Any work not completed Thursday will wrap up in the next few weeks.

The Turner Station neighborhood where Faison lives has been selected as a target neighborhood for Rebuilding Together Baltimore for the next two years.
The organization is planning to assist 30 to 40 homeowners in the neighborhood and also complete at least 10 community beautification projects. 
This is the ninth year for Sears Heroes at Home, which has raised nearly $20 million.
Through July 30, Sears is encouraging Shop Your Way members and customers to give back by donating to Heroes at Home at their local Sears store or online.

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