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No one left unhelped: Kids supporting kids who've lost a loved one

Posted at 10:40 PM, Nov 21, 2019
and last updated 2019-11-21 23:18:20-05

BALTIMORE COUNTY — Winter Martin is only 12, but she's already been through more than most adults.

"This year it makes it six years. Does it make it any easier? No it gets harder."

Her mother Tyreka Martin was murdered in a triple homicide at Monroe and Fulton Streets. Four years earlier, when Winter was just two, her father was shot and killed.

"I think about them a lot," she said. "But not all the time."

The tears are never far away, but she and kids like Quintrell Reese are getting support from the non-profit, "No One Left Unhelped" and they're using the help they're using the help they're gOing to help others.

Winter's wish this Christmas is to give away toys to children who've also lost loved ones to violence.

"My wish is to get my parents back, but I know I can't get my mother and father back so I just want to give 1,000 gifts to 1,000 kids," she said.

"The more we give away the more we're giving back to children so they can learn to grow up and give back to other children," Reese said.

Lisa Molock started the organization in 2016, the need to help kids cope with loss hit close to home.

"Tyreka was first. My goddaughter was murdered in 2013 so we were already dealing with that and then my sons dad was murdered and it was just like wow. We have to do something for our young people," Molock said.

Her program is filled with clean ups, peace marches, tree planting and feeding the homeless her goal to stop the cycle of violence.

"The group tries to work with them and teach them other ways to deal with their grief and their trauma in a positive way instead of a negative way," Molock said.

And for Winter Martin it's sharing the spirit of the season through toys.

"I feel the same pain that they fell and I just want to make it better for them and giving them a gift," Winter said.

They’re collecting toys December 14th at the Church of St. Michael of All Angels and the toy giveway and holiday dinner is on December 21st. If you can’t pick up a toy but would like to donate, there’s a GoFundMe.