Neighbors in Owings Mills clean up after Monday's storm

Posted at 3:14 PM, Jul 18, 2017
and last updated 2017-07-18 18:24:01-04

Equipped with only a digital camera, Marge Streicker says she was stuck watching Monday’s storm.

“We might even be in a tornado, the way it looked to me and I stepped out the porch and took some pictures because the water from our creek was coming way up,” she said.

Up to a few inches away from her family’s porch.

Monday’s heavy rain and winds beat down not only on their home, but scattered branches and uprooted trees.

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“The rain was coming down so hard and then the hail came and then all of the sudden it seemed like it was ‘raining leaves’ everywhere and as I looked up at the trees near the house over here on the right, the leaves were coming down like snow,” Streicker said.

Leaves are everywhere.

The high waters blocked the people living in 24 units at the bottom of a hill off Hammershire Road including Marge from leaving their homes.

The water even got into an auto shop nearby.

Employees spoke to ABC2 hours after the storm on Monday.

“Every year, we look forward to it and when it comes you just deal with it as the time goes by,” Basil Morgan, the brother to the shop’s owner, said.

Time that hasn’t gotten any better, Marge says.

She thinks panic sets in every time the water from the creek rises.

“We’re thinking, you know, if it doesn’t let up what are we going to do? You start thinking what are you going to do if the water comes up toward the house. So, you know, it’s pretty scary,” Streicker said.

Fortunately, this time around the damage didn’t reach, but still there’s a significant mess.

“I’ve never seen this many trees down. When you look at the big trees uprooted that are at least 18 feet tall and not knowing where are they going to hit, this is pretty scary. This is pretty dramatic compared to what we’ve seen in the past,” Streicker said.