Natural Resources Police suspend search for man who fell in water

Posted at 11:04 PM, Aug 17, 2016
and last updated 2016-08-18 06:52:01-04
Natural Resources Police suspended their search Wednesday evening for a man who fell into murky water near Middle River.
The man's family isn't quite sure how it happened. 
"Right now, we haven't seen him back yet. He's still underwater," said the his brother-in-law, Bill DeWald.
ABC2 is withholding the name of the man until it is released by authorities.
"I got a call at my house. I was informed that there was an accident. Right away you think it's a car accident," said Bill DeWald's brother, Carol DeWald.

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The tragedy happened just before 1 p.m when family said the victim went across the water to secure a boat at nearby Wilson Point.
They said the victim was returning on a dingy. Bill DeWald said his brother saw the victim "in the water, in distress, with the dingy turned over behind him, and he was yelling 'help.'" 
Divers suspended their search until day break Thursday, according to a tweet from the Natural Resources Police.
A spokesperson said the search was made difficult by murky waters and under water shrubbery.
Neighbors said, this year, the shrubbery is especially dense.
"He was, in his younger days, a good swimmer, and he was a heck of a guy," said Carol DeWald.
The back-and-forth trip is one the DeWald family said the victim made plenty of times before.
As night set, their focus turned inward.
"We're holding up because we're all together as a family, and I think what we're doing is we're leaning on each other," said Carol DeWald.

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